If you are looking for a gold jewellery manufacturer that offers you premium quality gold products with excellent craftmanship and fashionable designs at a reasonable price, you have found the right place!
Here are some of the reasons why we would be your ideal choice of gold producer ... 

A Trusted Gold Maker

Our proven track record and longstanding history of our establishment spanning across 20 over years are the most credible testimonials you could ever find. From major international gold wholesalers to local gold dealers, we have dealt with countless trading and transactions without a delivery glitch, making us one of the most saught-after gold jewellery and gold products maker both locally and internationally. Find out more about our wholesale offers, contact us now!

Creative and Sophisticated Designs

What comes to most people’s mind when we talk about gold jewellery design? Unfashionable, lame, not for young people? That’s the most common terms that comes to your mind, right? Here’s where we come in - MS Gold Crafts Industries aims to do it differently!
Our highly qualified gold jewellery designers are constantly looking for new inspirations and observing the latest trend in the jewellery making industry to ensure that every piece of gold jewellery crafted comes with a unique, sophisticated look and feel. The variety in designs offer our buyers greater range of choices to meet their customers’ expectations. Check out the designs of our gold bracelets and chains!

Blending Superb Craftmanship with Technology

Although today’s technology can mass produce big quantity of jewellery at a faster pace, at MS Gold Crafts Industries, we still believe that premium quality craftmanship still lies in the hand of well-trained gold jewellery makers or goldsmiths. In order to produce gold jewellery that carries its own uniqueness and personal touch, we are combining both superb craftmanship with technology. "Seeing is Believing", click here to take a look at our products now!

Prompt Delivery with High Quality Control

As we love what we do, maintaining top-notch quality craftmanship is something that we will never compromise with! While putting in every effort into the production of the gold jewellery to meet our clients’ delivery timeline promptly, at MS Gold Crafts Industries, we adhere to high production standards to ensure every piece of gold jewellery produced is always at its tip-top condition before delivery. Rest assured that what you see is what you get! Find out more about our gold series of bracelets and chains

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