Why Buy 22K Yellow Gold?

22K Yellow Gold - The Most Sought-After Gold amongst the Asians
by Someone Famous

Discover the reasons why most Asians prefer jewellery made of 22K gold ...

22 Karats Gold is commonly known as "916 Gold" amongst the Asians due to its composition of 91.6% pure gold. 22K gold jewellery are more popular amongst Asians as compared to 24K with 99.9 percent pure gold because of its durability.

Comparing to 24K gold jewellery may easily break and get scratched, and is usually a little more expensive, 22K gold which is blended with harder metals such as copper or silver, is much more durable and the shape of design is everlasting. Take a quick peek at our gold chain and bracelet collections.

What's more, jewellery made of 22K yellow gold has a natural shade of warm golden colour that ocmes with a dazzling shine. When it is crafted with the right design and cutting, the glittering share and tone will stand out even more. As 22K yellow gold has a great dazzling shine and is highly durable, it becomes the most sought-after gold amongst Asians, which makes it highly marketable for gold wholesalers, dealers and retailers. To know more about our buyer's privileges, contact us now!

The use of gold as ornaments  or jewellery in wedding customs can be traced back centuries ago. For instance, for Indian and Chinese community, gold jewellery is a must-have in their wedding check-list as gold signifies abundance of beauty and wealth, and is symbol of everlastingness.

In fact, other races and ethnic groups of East Asia and Southeast Asia also prefer gold jewellery as gifts for various ceremonies and celebrations including birthday, anniversary, baby shower or baby full moon. As 22K yellow gold has a great dazzling shine and is highly durable, it becomes the most popular choice of gifts for there special occasions and celebrations. Check out our product range here!

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